Corinne Rice-Grey Cloud is the founder of Rice Consulting LLC, an educator, activist, social media influencer, and widely published journalist on Native American and Indigenous topics in the United States and Canada. 

 In 2020, she launched Rice Consulting LLC. This Native-Owned DEI consulting firm focuses on Native American diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.


Published in Huffington Post, Al Jazeera Plus, and Gucci's Magazine Chime for Change, Corinne's articles have brought Native history and current issues to the forefront in the United States.


She has been named to PopSugar's top 20 Parent Influencers, Buzzfeed's Bad Ass Single Moms, and Parade Magazine's 25 Inspiring Indigenous American Activists. 


She serves on numerous boards, including The Feminist Advisory Board.


Currently living on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in Mission, South Dakota, she is a Mother of two, soon to be three, a Surrogate to three, and Auntie to all.

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