How To Create An Inclusive Workplace For Native Americans In Your Business

According to a poll conducted by NPR, “nearly one-third of Native Americans have experienced discrimination in the workplace when seeking jobs, getting promotions, or earning equal pay.” Now more than ever, it is vital for companies to educate their employees and include Native Americans in their policies, marketing, and job advertisements.

Creating change in any company can be a process. Here are five tips for your company to get on the right track:

1. Hire an expert

Hiring a Native diversity, equity, and inclusion firm like us to speak to your company about Native American issues, traditions, and customs provide essential information to your employees. This information can lead to real and sustainable change for your entire business.

2. Institute Relationships with Native American Tribes And Organizations

Research where the nearest Tribal Community is to your company, and start a conversation with stakeholders. Nearly 75% of the Native American population live off reservations, and Urban Indian Centers across the country serve as essential recruitment resources for HR and Hiring Managers across industries. Native American tribes and Native organizations generally place great value in trust and patience when cultivating relationships, so it may take time to see real results.

3. Create An Environment That Is Comfortable For Native Americans

Representation matters! Include Native Americans on your company’s website and in your job advertisements in a culturally respectful way. Hire us to consult on the imagery and promotions if you aren’t sure! Reevaluate your dress code if you have one, and protect traditional hairstyles, clothing, and cultural identifiers.

4. Eliminate Employment Tests

If you use standardized tests to gauge applicants’ qualifications, seriously consider eliminating them. Native Americans often don’t want to take standardized tests because historically, colonialists used them to deny their elders access to education and employment.

5. Use Native American Media Outlets For Job Ads

High-speed internet access is an ongoing problem for Indian Country. Place job advertisements in tribal newspapers, newsletters, and on tribal radio stations if you are serious about inclusion for Native Americans in your workplace. Here is an article with some outlets to get you started.

Enacting real change in your organization takes time, but positive and lasting change is always possible with perseverance and positivity. Hiring a diversity, equity, and inclusion firm like ours can accelerate the process and aid in establishing a relationship with other Native organizations. For more information, feel free to fill out our contact form here. A representative will contact you back to discuss how our firm can improve your business!

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